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Pam Buchholz

Originally from Scotland, I previously served as a chief cardiac physiologist, working in both the National Health System and private health sector in the U.K. I then served as director of operations and subsequently, managing director of a core lab that specialized in cardiac and pulmonary data services for clinical trials, with accountability for all aspects of the company’s global business and financial performance. I spent several years as vice president of the cardiology division for a U.S. cardiac device/equipment manufacturer, focusing on strategic planning, development, and leadership, before joining Duke Clinical Research Institute in 2011 as the director of Operations for the Imaging Program. After several promotions, I ultimately took on the role of Senior Director Clinical Trials, where I remained for three years, providing clinical, operational, research, and business oversight for the Duke Early Phase Clinical Research Unit (Phase I/Proof of Concept unit, situated in Duke Hospital), Clinical Operations (Industry and Govt Trials/Networks & Innovation groups),the Clinical Events Classification group, Safety Surveillance program, Pharmacometrics/Small Trials group and Imaging program. Focusing a significant amount of time on developing exceptional operational leaders within each group - strong, confident, knowledgeable, motivated, who are trusted and respected by their teams and colleagues.


Comments on my leadership style included:

“She knows when to pull, push or stand next to you”

“The very make up of her team breaks the mold and is non-traditional. She has an uncanny ability to recognize “raw talent”, bring it along and develop it”

“People rally behind her. Team builder, she naturally enrolls peers and direct reports alike”

During recent 360 reviews I was described as:

Genuine. Collaborative. Authentic. Natural Leader. Dedicated. Approachable. Curious.

Visionary. Wicked Smart. Creates Followership. Creative. High Integrity. Courageous.

Unflappable. Mentor. Empathic. Hardworking. Compassionate. Strategic. Generous. Kindness. Highly Respected. Motivating. Empowering. Supportive.

I have been coaching and mentoring within my career roles for many years, and enjoyed this element of my work so much, I decided more recently to formalize by attending the Healthcare Coaching Institute in association with Virginia Tech, where I have further honed my coaching techniques.

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