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Healthcare & Research Professionals

 As a woman in Healthcare Leadership - I have felt the elation, the satisfaction and the love, being an integral part of a phenomenal team......but also, the pressure, the stress, the frustration, the hopelessness, the hurt and the never-ending sleepless nights... I have walked in your shoes

We all have our personal reasons for working in the healthcare and research professions

      It's a "calling"

     A desire to help others

     To improve global healthcare

     To ensure a healthy future for all

     To save lives

     To innovate healthcare delivery..

and we all know it's never just a's a career you have to be dedicated and devoted to

But sometimes you may feel you

    ...are always "on call" - with no "off" switch

    ...triage your priorities, but You are always last on the list

    ...tired and stressed all the time

    ...don't want to face the day

    ...are just burned out 

    ...have lost your "Why"?

Or Maybe you would like to 

  • Be heard

  • Clarify and Achieve your goals

  • Be an intuitive leader

  • Make that move

  • Build more Productive Relationships

  • Improve your Interpersonal Skills through Emotional Intelligence

  • Be an integral part of the team


Saorsa - Freedom To Achieve

As Your coach, I'm here to Partner with You to....

  • Maximize your inner knowledge and skills—unleashing your true potential

  • Motivate you to be the authentic and inspiring leader you want to be

  • Guide you through transitions in your life and career

  • Inspire you to thrive both personally and professionally

  • Open your mind to new perspectives and new thinking

  • Improve your emotional intelligence

  • Foster creative problem solving

  • Increase your confidence in your life and your career

  • Help you identify and define your goals—and how to achieve them

  • Discuss your challenges, aspirations and fears in a non-judgmental environment

  • Help you find balance in your life between career, family and personal wellbeing

  • Connect your head, your heart and your instinct

Saorsa Coaching Process

Introduction Meeting

To understand the individual’s context and goals. The coaching process and confidentiality are discussed and this meeting provides an essential ‘chemistry check’ – to ensure a strong, trusting relationship, will develop

Coaching Objectives

Encompassing both short term goals and longer term aspirations

  • Identification, Understanding, Planning, Successful Execution

Flexible Structure

Personalized, adaptable coaching packages

3month, 6 month, 9month,12 month plans available

A format determined by the client’s agenda and needs

  • In person

  • Online/Virtual

  • Phone Calls

  • Text

  • E-mail

  • Interactive software

On-going Evaluation & Support

To produce realistic and effective strategies for action, ensuring sustained change long after their coaching has finished. The following may be used:

  • 1:1 Engagement Sessions

  • 360 Feedback

  • Personality Assessment

  • Written article reviews

  • Interactive software engagement

  • Ad-hoc coaching time available

The roles and responsibities of coach and client, as outlined by the International Coaching Federation:

The Coach:

  • Provides objective assessment and observations that foster the individual’s or team’s self-awareness and awareness of others

  • Listens closely to fully understand the individual’s or team’s circumstances

  • Acts as a sounding board in exploring possibilities and implementing thoughtful planning and decision making

  • Champions opportunities and potential, encouraging stretch and challenge commensurate with personal strengths and aspirations

  • Fosters shifts in thinking that reveal fresh perspectives

  • Challenges blind spots to illuminate new possibilities and support the creation of alternative scenarios

  • Maintains professional boundaries in the coaching relationship, including confidentiality, and adheres to the coaching profession’s code of ethics


The Individual:

  • Creates the coaching agenda based on personally meaningful coaching goals

  • Uses assessment and observations to enhance self-awareness and awareness of others

  • Envisions personal and/or organizational success

  • Assumes full responsibility for personal decisions and actions

  • Utilizes the coaching process to promote possibility thinking and fresh perspectives

  • Takes courageous action in alignment with personal goals and aspirations

  • Engages big-picture thinking and problem-solving skills

  • Takes the tools, concepts, models and principles provided by the coach and engages in effective forward actions

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