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The cornerstones of successful leadership are timeless - Vision, Integrity, Influence, Self Awareness & Empathy

Individuals & teams that embrace and exemplify these characteristics can motivate and mobilize organizations to produce exceptional results. They create a culture where people feel engaged, valued and a strong belonging -  all key components to a healthy and energized organization. Leadership traits may be inherent to an individual or skills that have to be honed and practiced. At Soarsa, we offer training in certain areas of leadership, that can catapult your organization to the next level of their evolution.


Courses available include:

  • The Importance of Emotional Intelligence 

  • Women in Leadership 

  • Leadership Practices Inventory

    • Challenge The Way

    • Inspire A Shared Vision

    • Enable Other To Act

    • Model The Way

    • Encourage The Heart

  • Diversity & Inclusion In The Workplace

  • Inpiring Positive Change

  • Successful Teamwork

Training Packages are for individuals & teams, and can be customized to client needs

Saorsa - Freedom To Grow

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