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New Adventures Begin....

The first thing I wanted you to know is, that I’m happier and healthier than ever, and so excited that I’ve finally begun my new adventure and can share the news with you.

As many of you know, I have called "Restless Filly Farm" my home for the past 7 years. I found the farm at exactly the right time on my journey – a serene escape….my sanctuary. A special place that provided me with the peace and tranquility to escape my often hectic and stressful days working at Duke Clinical Research Institute. The farm was the place I healed my somewhat damaged spirit and learned to dream again and a place that's truly difficult to leave.

Pam and Nike
Writing at the lake
My boys - Anthony and Sonny

Here I spent time discovering more about myself, my personality traits, my passions - what drives and motivate me, why I constantly seek adventure, finally finding the creative outlet I craved (as I’m absolutely crap at drawing and painting….definitely not one of my talents🤣), I began writing again...

On struggling with the decision to sell my beloved farm, a very wise lady that was close to me at the time, reminded me that, I was "the Restless Filly", not the farm, it was just a place (albeit an exceptionally beautiful place), but that it was me that made it special and I would remain the same Restless Filly no matter where I moved to, or what I chose to do next.

Now, the nickname Restless Filly was given to me many years ago for a very good reason – I do get “restless” and need adventure in my life…

For those who know me or have read in my earlier blog post you will be aware of my affinity with water – being Piscean, and having been born in a small coastal town in Scotland, where I spent much of the first 30yrs of my life on or near the beach, I always gravitate towards water.

The beach at Ayr (my hometown)

Many years ago, I found a little card that had a picture of a mermaid with the words “she knew someday the sea would call her home”, I often looked at the pretty little card and knew in my heart that this was so true. Although I did have our lake at the farm, there was still a missing element for me….and now, I’ve found it!!! (There was a clue in the sunrise photo I posted a couple of months ago)

JB and I spent an incredible few days on the Outer Banks several years ago and I fell head over heels in love with this beautiful and wild place. Last summer I returned to the islands several times, finding I was drawn to this unique strip of sand in the Atlantic, just off the coast of North Carolina…. the sea was “calling me home

The Herbert C Bonner Bridge over Oregon Inlet, connecting Bodie Island with Hatteras Island

Although thousands of miles from my beach hometown in Scotland, I’d found a place that made me feel like I totally belonged – next to the ocean. Through the rest of the year, JB and I spoke often about how we could possibly move to the Outer Banks….and then in February, out of the blue I came across a property for sale – an eleven bedroom inn built in 1928 on Hatteras Island, on the Outer Banks…..and so The Adventure Began.

Original Postcard from the Inn, dated around 1930-early 40s. Part of a collection at Boston Public Library
One of the photos we have found at the Inn whilst renovating
More recent photo sometime around 2016

Now for all those who know anything about hurricanes and storms or have just googled “Hatteras” to see exactly where our new adventures are taking us – Yes it is a thin strip of sandbar islands that jut out into the Atlantic Ocean….and yes they are located right in “hurricane central”. In fact, sometimes the locator on my phone weather app simply lists my location city as “North Atlantic”!

We are fully aware of the inherent risks of living in this area, the price you pay for living in this island oasis and after much careful thought, decided that we would go to where our hearts were pulling us – our little sliver of sandy paradise.

Renovating and restoring the Inn will be a labor of love for us over the next year or so, but we have made great progress already, with much cleaning and clearing out done, a new roof now completed (the old one leaked so much when it rained, there were not enough buckets and pots in the entire inn to catch the water!!!), painting crew finished the inside of the inn, and new beds, mattresses, linens etc. have been delivered. Now looking forward to having the outside of the inn painted, and new porch and deck furniture to arrive.....

Hatteras Island is often used to describe the towns on the Southernmost tip of the Outer Banks that are accessible by car without taking a ferry - Rodanthe, Salvo and Waves, then even further south - Avon, Buxton, Frisco and Hatteras Village. Our new home is in Hatteras Village :o) Hatteras Island is a haven for Kiteboarding (rated no. 1. by many, beating Maui, Oahu, Long Beach Ca, and the Florida Keys….lessons already in the works for both JB and Me 😁), surfing, and fishing (Hatteras has the closest marina to the Gulf Stream) and then there are the beaches!!!!!! What more can I say...?

Ocean Kiteboarding - Looks awesome fun, can't wait to try!
Saw this guy "flying his kiteboard" whilst walking Bodie at the Sound one afternoon
Hatteras Marina....JB and I often visit "The Wreck" tiki bar for a nice cold beer after a busy day's work

There’s so much to tell you about our new adventures in Hatteras, it would be a pretty lengthy blog entry. So, I will post much more detail in future blogs as I find the time.

Here are a few updates/points for those who like things short and sweet:

  • JB and I will be living permanently all year round in Hatteras Village, the Inn has an apartment and will be our home. For the last couple of months, one of us is at the farm whilst the other is coordinating work on the Inn, beginning September, hopefully we will both be in the same zip code, at the same time for longer than a few days

  • It was our original plan to have events and retreats at "Restless Filly Farm", but we struggled a little with how to manage overnight stays for guests, without having to build a new structure, as the lodge was not big enough. Here at the Inn, we have the perfect retreat space – over 7,500sq ft, 6 guest suites (bedroom, sitting area and private bathroom), 5 guest bedrooms (all with private bathrooms), 2 guest lounges, dining area, huge front porch, multiple decks overlooking the grounds and only 5 mins walk from the beach.

  • The Inn was built in 1928, the first hotel to be built on Hatteras Island and was called “The Atlantic View Hotel”

  • In the early 2000’s the island sustained significant hurricane damage and after this, the entire structure of the Inn was raised by 9 feet and renamed “The Seaside Inn”

  • The Inn closed down in November 2019

  • Our renovations/restorations began in May, when we also decided to change the name to “The Atlantic Inn” paying homage to this beautiful and unique historical inn’s beginnings back in 1928

  • The Atlantic Inn at Hatteras Facebook page will launch this week

  • I’m bringing one of my horses to the Outer Banks, Anthony – who is the youngest (and fastest 😊), and most likely to adapt to life on the beach. I'm so looking forward to being able to gallop a horse along the beach again, like I could back home in Scotland

  • Bodie and Bailey, the pups (not quite pups anymore at 90+pounds each!!) already love it here – especially the long sunrise walks we take on the beach. Bodie (named after Patrick Swayze's character in Point Break and coincidently, also the name of one of the local lighthouses here on the Outer Banks!) in particular, can't get enough of swimming in the wild surf, diving in without hesitation, whilst Bailey (generally "the adult in the room" of our little family) prefers the calmness of swimming in the Pamlico Sound. Funny how our pups appear to reflect our personalities....Bailey hangs out with JB, whilst Bodie, the crazier of the two, hangs out with me - hmmmmm....😉

Lazy Sunday morning walk with the pups
My little daredevil Bodie
Just as well I have Bodie on an extra long leash or he may just keep going...

  • Yes, I’m still coaching….and loving it – one of the best decisions I ever made was to become a coach. I hope to continue to grow this area of my life and be able to hold regular retreats at the Inn

  • Planning a new Restless Filly website and blog where I will continue to write about my journey through my crazy little life!

  • I intend to spend more time writing, which has become a particular passion of mine over the past couple of years

So there you have it, plenty to keep us busy, plenty to dream about and plenty of new adventures to be had here on The Outer Banks.

Until next time, Stay safe and well...

Much Love and Hugs,



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