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Not as out of reach as you thought...

Just recently someone said to me “I would love to have you as a coach, but I know I can’t afford you” they went on to say “I know with your experience, you must be really expensive and out of my reach”. This greatly saddened me, as we had never discussed the cost of coaching, and I don’t post my rates on my website. They just assumed that coaching would be out-with their financial reach.

My fees are in line with coaches with my skill-set and professional experience, but when I made the decision to coach, I wanted to ensure that it could be my choice who I worked with. It is so much more important to me, that a great connection and rapport is established with client partners and that I feel we can be successful in working together, than how much money I can make. There have been times in my life when I could truly have benefited from a good coach, but was not in a financial position to afford one (also, coaching was not as available as it is now). Having a non-biased “thinking partner” would have helped me enormously, (although I wouldn’t have the experiences and "lessons learned" that I can now share with others :o) The coaching process opened my eyes to different ways of thinking about problems and challenges, and how to deal with them. My own fees are negotiable on purpose so as not to preclude anyone that I feel would benefit from coaching, and that I would like to work with.

Coaching is not just for elite executive high earners - they are not the only people that need the space, time and a confidential thinking partner to negotiate how to construct and achieve their life’s goals, that want that promotion or new job, that need to find balance in their lives, that are questioning what’s next??

In an ideal world no one would need to charge money to coach others, but in reality most of us have mortgages, rent, bills to pay, cars to keep on the road, children, relatives, animals, others to take care of….the list goes on. We also have a finite number of hours in a day that we can be available for one to one coaching…Don’t you just love those 14-hour days!!!

This proved to be a huge dilemma for me, one that I spent quite some time pondering. I wanted to find a way that could make some of the coaching processes and ideas, that I know are so successful and often life changing, accessible to more people. With this in mind, I’m currently working on alternative options to deliver the wisdom of coaching, that make it more accessible and affordable.

So, here’s a sneak peek at what I've been working on - Saorsa will soon be launching three distinct online programs - each with individual modules related to areas often covered when partnering with a coach:

Executive/Career Coaching

A Sample of upcoming Modules

o How to Succeed and be Happy in the spotlight, when you’re truly an introvert

o Career Crossroads – Should I stay, or should I go…? Following your passion!

o Burn Out...?? Don’t Just Survive – Thrive!

Leadership Practices

A Sample of Upcoming Modules

o Harnessing Passion -The secret to Engaging your teams

o Leading With, and Through Others – How to Successfully Delegate and Empower

o No Smoke or Mirrors – Just Authentic Leadership (How to lead with Emotional Intelligence)

Life Coaching

A Sample of Upcoming Modules

o Turn Your Can'ts into Cans and Your Dreams into Plans – How to Achieve a Life you Love

o How to show up in the world every day, Calm, Capable, Confident & Courageous – Being Comfortable in your own skin

o If Not Now…..Then When? How to overcome obstacles and procrastination

Modules will include:







Written Articles

Access to an online community specific to the program module originates from

As each module is created as stand-alone, you will have the freedom to design your own package - choosing from available modules, you will be able to personalize exactly to your specific needs. You may want to sign up for only one module, take multiple modules within one program or pick and choose modules from all 3 programs – it’s completely up to you....and now within your reach!

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