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The Restless Filly - Loving the world around me!

Definition: A restless filly is a spirited young female horse; a spirited woman with an inability to remain at rest, always looking for a new challenge

(This is a repost from my previous blog. First published in 2018)

Now that I have invited you into my world - let our adventures begin!

My morning coffee and journal

The messages received via my blog, Facebook, LinkedIn and directly to me have been absolutely incredible.  I'm so humbled to be connected to so many bright and inspirational people, thank you so much….....feeling truly blessed. 

So.......did you start thinking about who YOU really are?  

Were you willing to accept the invitation to become a witness in your own life, to see what makes YOU truly unique? 

I'd love to hear your initial thoughts either here in comments, or e-mail me directly at

Now I don't know what was scarier - launching my first ever blog post or writing the second….....but I'm jumping in, so here goes!

Late summer weather at Restless Filly Farm

There are so many things I would like to share with you, but I'm also cognizant of how precious your time is, so I want to use this post to let you know my plans for sharing my adventure with you.

Every couple of weeks I plan to delve into the deeper challenges that we face, at work, at home, in relationships, and the world in which we live.  If there is anything in particular you would like me to highlight or discuss in a post, or if you would like to write a guest post, please e-mail me at or comment below, it would awesome to hear from you!

On a more ad-hoc, sometimes daily basis, I would love to share the many things that I encounter, and the thoughts that these often provoke.  Some of these are so small and, at first glance may appear insignificant - but these experiences are often the most impactful - a song you hear, a picture you see, a conversation, a small act of kindness, a helping hand just when you need one, the beauty of a small flower, that delicious first mug of coffee or tea in the morning….... these things that can happen to each of us, every day, can often provide us with inspiration.  The aforementioned may be a little more obvious, as they are generally positive or happy experiences, but often the more thought provoking, are when things go wrong or don't seem fair - your car won't start in the morning, your bus is late,  you see a homeless person out in the rain, you overhear an argument, your boss isn't happy with your work, you spill your morning coffee over your favorite white T-shirt……I could list these ad- nauseam, but you get the picture 😢  These often provoke thoughts on how we can do things better, how we can really listen, how we can be kinder, how we can go out of our way to be supportive, how we may offer help, how to look closer and appreciate the beauty of the world around us - how we can be a better person! What we sometimes think as distractions or noise in our day, can trigger deep emotions, that lead to some exceptionally, inspirational thinking!

Realization: One cold, rainy Monday morning driving into work, I was in a particularly grumpy and depressed mood…..the weekend was over, the weather was awful, I had work deliverables that had to be met, I had way too many meetings scheduled in my day, I had a headache and when I had gotten dressed that morning, my favorite black dress had shrunk and didn’t fit (nothing whatsoever to do with the copious amount of carbs I had been consuming the previous couple of weeks!)…I think you get the picture, typical Monday morning feeling😒  I pulled into a drive thru coffee place, and as I was sitting in the car decided that I'd order my usual 2 large lattes (one for me, and one for my friend Amy, who has worked with me for years), but I would also treat myself to an additional latte to drink in the car whilst I was stuck in traffic, and a butter croissant (yeah more carbs - just what I needed!) I pulled up to the window and attempted to pay for my goodies……..the smiling server said that the person in the car in front of me had paid for my order and wished me a Happy Monday! In that instant I felt so grateful, appreciative, thankful and yes….inspired. I immediately asked to pay for the person behind me and to also give them the message, Happy Monday!  My day suddenly seemed just that little bit brighter and open to possibilities, my latte tasted better than usual and the croissant was even more delicious than I had imagined - all the issues that had been bringing me down seemed to disappear, and I began thinking about how profoundly this one simple gesture had affected me.  The message here was clear, just thinking about someone other than yourself can make a huge difference in someone's day and can inspire them in ways you can't imagine.

Being me....  I decided to take this concept to a new level, and started making a conscious effort to do a least one positive act for someone else every day.  Before you know it, you're doing this without even thinking about it - you have no idea what a wonderful impact this has on your life and the world around you. It's so easy and doesn’t need to cost you $$, a simple "Hello!" or "thank you", "can I help?"," you're really good at this", "you worked really hard on this", "isn't Fall a great time of year?" - I could go on for ever with ideas, but you get the picture….it's so simple, just letting the people around you know that you are aware of them and appreciate them, whether they are work colleagues, family, friends or new people you've just met. I often challenge myself to find new and innovative ways to show my appreciation or support for others, it's so much fun! 

Just Imagine….if everyone who read this blog did one kind/positive gesture for even one person every day, not only would they feel  better about themselves, they would most definitely make the other person feel a little better, more appreciated (think about my Monday morning coffee experience), but also perhaps the respondent of your positive act may be inspired to do something awesome, or even better, decide to make a conscious effort to show their appreciation every day to at least one person…….Just imagine how incredible this could be!!

I know there are many people who already do this, and I'm truly thankful for those people, but sometimes in our busy and chaotic lives, we just forget, or run out of time. 

Hugs are just the best...

I invite you to my challenge…….Loving The World Around Me!

If you are reading this blog, please make a conscious effort to try this, and challenge your family and friends to do the same thing. Just do one kind/positive thing for someone else, every day for a week. Don't YOU want to be part of this awesome effort?…. I would love to hear from you on how this goes -  will you continue? Did someone you know try this out? How easy or simple or original or successful or whatever…'ll inspire others!

Your comments really make a huge difference, so please keep them coming....and if you have the opportunity to forward my blog, please do, the more the merrier - remember we are here to support and encourage each other, negotiating our best and most fulfilling paths, on this incredible journey we call Life 😊 

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